Welcome to my blog. I’m a GP and strongly believe in the founding principles of the NHS.

However we’re losing our way. Though generally with the best of intentions, we have lost sight of some of the things which really matter in healthcare in our pursuit of high-tech ‘scientific’ medicine.

This has resulted in care which is sometimes overly complex and over-medicalised; a focus of numbers and labels rather than the person behind the label; wasted resources providing interventions that weren’t wanted or needed; and systematic dishonesty about the true value of many of our commonly used drugs and interventions.

Although recent years have brought the recognition that a change in approach is necessary, most people see this as being because of financial limitations. Unpicking and debating some of the issues above is a fundamental step towards making the NHS sustainable, whilst also improving our individual and collective experiences.

This blog explores some of the real reasons for why change is necessary. I hope to shine a light on some of the many nonsensical and irrational practices which occur every day in modern healthcare and empower users of healthcare services to get the information they need to choose the care which works best for them.


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